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Mick Finlay

I was born in Glasgow and grew up in Canada and England. I now divide my time between Brighton and Cambridge. I teach part-time in a Psychology Department, and have published research on political violence, persuasion, and verbal and non-verbal behaviour. Before this, I ran a market stall on Portobello Road, and have worked as a tent-hand in a travelling circus, a butcher’s boy, a hotel porter, and in various jobs in the NHS and social services.

I write historical crime fiction. My first novel ‘Arrowood’ was published in 2017 by HQ (Harper Collins) in the UK/Ireland, Mira in North America, and Harper Collins in other European territories. The sequel ‘The Murder Pit’ was published in 2019, and ‘Arrowood and the Thames Corpses’ in 2020.

I’m represented by Jo Unwin of JULA.

About Arrowood

London Society takes its problems to Sherlock Holmes. Everyone else goes to Arrowood.

It’s 1895 and London is scared. A killer haunts the city’s streets. The poor are hungry. Crime bosses are taking control and the police force stretched to breaking point. While the rich turn to Sherlock Holmes, the celebrated private detective rarely visits the densely populated streets of South London, where the crimes are sleazier and the people are poorer. In a dark corner of Southwark, victims turn to a man who despises Holmes, his wealthy clientele and his showy forensic approach to crime: Arrowood – self-taught psychologist, occasional drunkard and private investigator. When a man mysteriously disappears and Arrowood’s best lead is murdered before his eyes, he and his sidekick Barnett face their toughest quest yet: to capture the head of the most notorious gang in London.