Arrowood 3


I’m revising the third book in the series – currently on my fourth draft.

Here are some pictures taken while collecting information for book 3. The photos below are an important location in the book. Old Swan Pier used to be here – you can still see the struts in the water and a bit of the entrance. In place of the new buildings would have been warehouses and wharves. It’s right next to London Bridge and Fishmongers Hall.

IMG_2773 IMG_2782

From the pier, you would have been able to see Tower Bridge (looking under London Bridge) and Pickfords Wharf opposite.



Here are some photos from the London Docklands Museum.

Copper searching a docker
Limehouse Salvation Army Hostel
Family in Bethnal Green
Inspecting bales of cinnamon in the docks
London Docklands
This is St Saviour’s Dock in Bermondsey. It would have been busy with Thames barges, tugs and lighters back in the 1890s.



Some useful books:

Scenes from Gravesend – all will feature:

Some extracts from The Daily News – 1893 and 1896. Thanks to the British Library.