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HQ Harper Collins (UK/Ireland); Harper Collins (Sweden; Denmark; Finland; France; Spain; Italy; Holland; Germany; Poland; Japan; Brazil); Mira (North America)

The Murder Pit (An Arrowood Mystery).

HQ Harper Collins (UK/Ireland); Mira (N. America). In translation: Harper Collins (Holland (as De Moordput), Poland (as Gleboki  Grob), France (as L’Affaire Birdie Barclay). More translations to come in 2019-2020

Arrowood and the Thames Corpses

HQ Harper Collins (UK/Ireland April, 2020); N. America May, 2020; details on other countries to follow.


The Victorian Underworld’s Most Unusual Crimes.

Five of the Best Villains and Victims in Sherlock Holmes Stories. Strand Magazine

Short Stories

City of Fashion. In Cern Zoo. Nemonymous 9. Megazanthus Press, 2009

‘City of Fashion is an excellent, delicate piece depicting a pub’s small world with its main characters (bartender, regular customers etc). A tranche de vie drawn, in just a few pages, with a steady hand and a deep insight into the human condition’ – The Short Review