Arrowood 2 – The Murder Pit

Some early reviews:

Publishers Weekly


Here’s the cover, at least for the UK version. It’ll be coming out Jan 10, 2019 (UK), February 5 (N. America) and June (Germany). Dates for other countries are not confirmed yet.


This bloke isn’t Arrowood, but he does feature in the The Murder Pit. I’ve taken lots of pictures during my research for the book, and am sharing a few here. First, some ledgers housed at the London Metropolitan Archives:

This turned out to be crucial – the Admissions and Discharges book

Here’s a few pictures of Catford. In 1896 tramlines were being built leading to Lewisham and Greenwich. They’re gone now.

A clock I’ve put on the Barclay’s mantel in Lambeth (with photographer)!

Actually, it’s in Preston Park Manor, Brighton

This is where Mrs Gillie lives. She’s quite important.

Very useful books:

A hell of a cooker:


St George’s Southwark:


This song makes an appearance in the story:

List of executions in England and Wales from

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 09.36.23

Front plate of H. Tuke’s Dictionary of Psychological Medicine (1892)

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 12.39.08

More to follow …..